In the past couple of years I have migrated, upgrade of equipment, the fedora servers maybe 3 or 4 times. Everytime I have manually recreated users and instructed them to email themselves their email to the new server.

I know this is not the best way, but I am uncertain how to be sure I am migrating ALL of the users data, email, personal folders, etc.

If someone could point me to a URL that has these steps or provides the folders to capture this info.

Fedora 12 users + Sendmail is the key data to be migrated. I have already built the new server and I am ready to migrate the data.

All users are local users. None of them are ldap users, but if someone wants to point out a ldap solution I am willing to do this. This migration will be to remove the final windows system on the network. The network is small so ldap has never been a requirement, but it is growing and may be something to look at as the environment is now to the point where the next upgrade will be to add a 2nd fedora server to the network.