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    Help configuring ProFTPd to manage my websites

    First: sorry if this question was asked many time before - I tried to search for this problem.
    Second: I have a server that hosts 2 (for now - there will be more in the future) websites. The websites use apache2 with virtualhosts and they are use the same IP and the same port. I created 2 users (each named the same as the website), each with his own group (same name as the username). Then I added the users to the 'ftp' and 'www-data' groups. each website is located under the '/var/www' directory (so that the website '' directory is: '/var/www/').
    I would like to setup the ProFTPd so that 1. NO anonymous users (at all!), 2. an administrative user that can access the root of the server ('/') and can access the website's directory, 3. each website user can access his and ONLY his own website's directory (no access to the root and no access to the others directory), 4. if a user that isn't the administrator and/or isn't one of the websites named users tries to access, he'll get a "GO AWAY!" message (as do anonymous users).

    Thank you in advance,

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    Has a faq section See the chapter about configuration. It has how to configure users.
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