I have two problems I think with my ftp server and I wonder if anyone could help.

first off im running fedora 10 inside VirtualBox
I have loaded apache to run wordpress and I am using vsftp as an ftp server

problem 1)
I have setup up a link 'www' to the directory /usr/www/ in my the home directory of main_user (eg a www directory in main_users home points to /usr/www/) and I want my ftp client to open this directory by defult however when i log in as main_user via ftp client it opens up the main_users home directory rather than the directory www .

could suggest how i should set this up?

problem 2)
I running apache so i can test out wordpress, I have it installed and the basics running ok (i can make posts etc) however i am trying to upload a theme.
During this process your required to enter ftp details, If i enter the host 'localhost' username 'main_user' and the password correctly, when I click proceed wordpress returns an error 'failed to connect to FTP Server localhost:21' and an SELinux notice pops up stating 'AVC denial, click to view'. Im guessing this means that an ftp request is being made but denied by SELinux.

Am i correct, can anyone suggest what may be wrong here?

I have tried to explain the problem as best I can, if your unsure about anything please let me know.
I hope someone can help