I've been learning linux for a couple of months now. I am using mandrake 10 and have installed a mail server composed of postfix+courier+mysql+amavisd-new+clamav

Everything is working quite satisfactorily, but I've noticed a very strange behaviour. Whenever I restart the system, the file /etc/postfix/master.cf gets changed and reset to default values. The problem with this is that if some modules are run chrooted the connection to the mysql database won't work. BTW, everytime master.cf is changed the old copy (the correct one that I modified to suit my needs) get renamed as to something like master.cf.20041104-1634 which represent the time and date the erplacement happened.

I apparently fixed it by overwritting master.cf with a copy of MY master.cf and restarting postfix at startup. However, today master.cf has been changed again, rendering my mail server unusable until I fixed it. I have looked at the cron jobs, but haven't seen anything related to master.cf.

Has anybody else experienced this or knows of a fix?

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,
David Bosque