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    Subfolder permissions

    I'm attempting to migrate from a Windows to Linux file server (everything else in the network is Windows) and need help with subfolder permissions.

    How can I set this up:

    Office_Staff <--- Everyone has permission
    Office_Staff/John <--- John and Group A has permission
    Office_Staff/Sandy <--- Only Sandy has permission
    Office_Staff/Patrick <--- Patrick, Group A, and Group B

    I'm assuming this is done through terminal, but how? Is there a Windows/GUI way to get this done?


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    I should note that the linux file server is already successfully integrated with our Windows AD and top level shares (ie. "Office_Staff") permissions are already setup.

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    Hi, sorry that we have left you without an answer.

    First of all, I should say you may install ACL on a linux filesystem (not sure if all, we have a lot of them to choose from on Linux, like ext2, 3 and 4, xfs, raiser, jfs, and more, not just vfat or ntfs)

    But all (?) of them accept the chown and chmod commands

    chown lets you change who is the owner and the group of a file or directory.

    chmod allows you to set read, write and execute permissions for the user, the group and for everyone else.

    You also have a gid sticky bit that do wonderful things

    Look on the net for it, check for their man pages on your linux computer.

    GUI is the filebrowser application, for example.

    Apart from that, its just user/group management, and you'll be able to do everything you like. Much faster than ACL.
    and there is a GUI for that also, yes, if you want to.

    Altough to set premisiion to more than one user, you may create a group with those users and set group permissions

    But to set permissions for two groups, you'll have to create a third group with the all the users on the first two groups, or set ACL.

    You may have not been asking for this, but about AD integration. If so, sorry

    Hope you came back to see this

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