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    Issue with Reverse DNS lookups

    I hope this is the correct sub-forum.

    I am running a few RHEL and Debian servers here at work, but have run into a bit of a problem.

    If i use nsslookup or dig to look up a machine on our LAN by IP or name, i get the correct information returned.

    However when things are getting put into syslog, it is ONLY putting in the IP. As we use DHCP, the IP can be quite useless sometimes.

    May 14 13:11:06 buzz runcvs[325]: connect from (

    The network is a windows network, and the the linux boxes are all treated as standalone - ie there is no NIS or other software running.

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    Anyone have any direction to point me in?

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    is the software in question set up to do DNS lookups? Are you using syslog-ng? I think it has a flag for setting DNS lookups as well. i think its something like:

    linux user # 503963

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    The software is just this:

    /usr/bin/cvs \
    -T /cvs/tmp \
    --allow-root=/cvs/AppDev \
    --allow-root=/cvs2/AppDevTest \

    I have tried both the syslog-ng and the basic syslog but there is still no change. Im unsure of where to go with this. It has been wrecking my head for months, but i havent had the time to spend serious time trying to figure it out.

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