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Thread: Linux server

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    Linux server

    I have different computer modeling programs such as Accelrys discovery studio, Tripos Sybyl and Schrondinger for structure-based inhibitor design. All of these programs are running on different linux computers. I think it might be a better idea to put them together on one linux server. However, I am wondering hom many CPUs and what types of linux servers I should consider.
    Thank you in advance!

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    It depends if you will be running all that software at once (which I don't know anything about) or not. RAM, disk speed if DB involved, CPU MIPS (if mathematic, for example), disk size, graphics, etc, should be your concern. How many CPU's? Say, 14. Ok?

    And why a server? Do any of that software serves anything? It seems not. Then again, why not a server version? I only use those.

    x64 if you have/need more than 4Mb RAM.

    Types of linux servers? What distribution? Whatever linux uses the packages (I'm an ubuntu fan) those programs provide in common. If you use sources, any, I think.

    Hope it helps.


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