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    apache run server side code via php


    I have a usb temperature stick called TEMPer. I am using a c program I found which returns the current air temperature. What I would like to do is call this binary code from a webpage.

    I put the compiled code in /usr/bin and created the following file "index.php"

    print("Current Temp:\n\n");
    $thetemp = system('temper');
    echo $thetemp;
    I only get "Current Temp:" on my page and an error in my /var/log/httpd/error_log:

    "TemperCreate: Operation not permitted"

    Where TemperCreate is a function in the original C code. I guess this is a good thing as it is stopping apache from running server side code.

    So to my question. Is it possible to allow apache to run compiled C code ?

    Safe mode is turned off and I have tried making apache the owner of the binary, still no joy.

    Any suggestion would be great.



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    It sounds like it is running the C program. Does the TemperCreate function require another file that Apache doesn't have permission to?
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    The C code includes the following.

    #include <usb.h>

    and i think the library function that is casing the problem is:


    which has the following description:

    int usb_control_msg(usb_dev_handle *dev, int requesttype, int request, int value, int index, char *bytes, int size, int timeout);

    usb_control_msg performs a control request to the default control pipe on a device. The parameters mirror the types of the same name in the USB specification. Returns number of bytes written/read or < 0 on error.

    Is there a way of allowing the apache user to run this function, i.e. access to usb devices ?



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    I just placed the binary executable in the same directory as my index.php file (instead of in /usr/bin) and I edited the system call to be:
    $thetemp = system('./temper');
    note the addition of the "./"

    and all works great now


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