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    php mail function not working, no error returned


    thats my first post here! i read through a bit and searched the forums but couldn't find a solution that applies on my problem:

    i have a server (debian lenny) with zimbra collaboration suite installed. therefore i had to deactivate exim4 (the default mta?). i suspect, that exim4 was kind of linked to the command "sendmail", so that now the php mail function is now not working (php mail calls sendmail, right?).

    so how can i, or how did you, resolve the problem?
    i thought about changing the port of exim4, but couldn't find any config file. eximconfig doesn't work either.

    i hope to get some valueable information here, to help me get this annoying problem solved.

    best regards!

    (and, if any, i apologise for my spelling errors! -> english is not my mother tongue)

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    Hi godmod,

    welcome to the forum,

    did you try a simple php file like this?

    Do you have all "display errors" enabled on your php.ini file?

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    hi aleix,

    thanks for your reply. i handled the problem reconfiguring exim. both, a simple php file as well as wordpress & co are now able to drop mails from the box.

    anyways, the problem only occured because i wasn't able to change the port of exim :/


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