Hi all,

Yes, I'm new to the forum, but have been using linux for years. I've been tasked with setting up a RH 4.0 server and have it be able to send emails only - will not receive any email.

I have little experience with sendmail and I've spent the better part of 3 days searching the web, and this forum, for all the info I can find and I'm more confused then when I started!

Anyways, I've got sendmail configured and it can send an email, but the the message gets rejected with a 'Deferred: Connection refused by xxx.<domainname>.xxx - being the recipient domain name. My mail server is behind a firewall and has no public IP.

Now, I'm just guessing but is the recipient mail server trying to ping back to my mail server and can't? I need to keep this server private, so is there a way to relay the mail from this server to one of my servers that is public or is there a way to masquerade the sending server with one of my public server IPs - or am I making this way too complicated.

Thanks for any help.