I'm in charge of a fairly large network, and would like to check for insecure proxys within it... because we have several proxys SQUID, SOCKS and others too... I'm worried about a few SOCKS servers that might be on the network configured incorrectly. I can't find any such security tool for linux however.

All i found was someone with a similar problem who posted:

A colleague is looking for proxy detection in general. Alas, I'm not where I can conveniently check plugins. I know Nessus will detect a few of these, and probably examining HTTPD headers captured by Nessus services will help find run of the mill web proxies. Any other suggestions? Maybe this is an opportunity for more plugin writing to deal with the most common protocol proxies... -- Greg Johnson, University of Missouri - Columbia

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Sent: Friday, May 24, 2002 1:45 PM
Subject: [unisog] Looking for Proxy Scanning Verification Tool


Right now I have several sites in our downstream that are open proxies. Some are squid, some are Bess, some are MS, some are unknown. Given the number of downstream networks, I believe it likely there are others.

Some of these are only being currently blacklisted as "mere" open mail relays. We're working with these sites now.

What I want is a tool that will scan our networks not just for open proxy ports, but report back on (1) whether they are open proxies (i.e., open Wingates, unsecured SOCKS4/SOCKS5 proxies, open HTTP CONNECT); and (2) check variables that pass through.

Ideas? Suggestions?

If you know of anything that could help, I'd be very appriciative.