I am a total noob when it comes to Linux and servers. I have installed SME in an extra P4 machine to use it as a server. I had to add another ethernet card which I just purchased. It is a gigabit adapter. The driver SME installs does not work. I have the install disk which has a Linux driver on it. The disk does not do an automated linux install.

I can only get to Server Manager and the Server Console. I had to set this up as a server only but I would like to set up a small web site and game server on it. Does it need to act as a gateway for that? I want to be able to play my game on my normal machine which required the router to forward ports. Now I will need those same ports forwarded to the server. Since I obviously can't forward the same ports to 2 machines I assume I will need the server to be the gateway.

Any help would be most appreciated.