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    Arrow NFS Group Permissions

    Dear all,

    I have a setup of an NFSv4 server, together with OpenLDAP and MIT Kerberos
    based on XEN virtualised Debian Lenny dom installations, currently running
    with kernel "2.6.26-2-xen-amd64".

    All is running smoothly and I am successfully using NFS to export the
    users home folders, accessing it from several Linux distributions.

    When I am exporting folders for groups newly created objects
    (file or folder) inherits the group-id from the parent object. Never the
    less it does not inherit the permission level (read, write, execute).

    To my knowledge there are two possible solutions. The first one would be
    to set the umask on each client machine in the "/etc/profile" file or in a
    file within the users homefolder.

    The other one would be to use posix ACLs and this is the preferred
    solution to me. I am able to set the desired ACLs on the server with the
    "setfacl" command, but I can't see them from the client side.

    My question is what is necessary to achive a successful permission
    handling. I am correct with my wish to use ACLs or are there other
    recommendations? Should I use the umask setting on the client side

    There must be other organizations facing this very same issue and I am
    certain that there is an easy solution to this, but I just can't seem to
    find it.

    Any help or hint is welcome.

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    what type of filesystem are you using? not all filesystems understand ACLs. ext3 doesn't. reiserfs does.

    you should be able to have the umask set to whatever inside of /etc/fstab, if that is how you are mounting them.
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    I am using XFS. Could not find any resources whether or not it is supporting NFS's ACL system.
    I am mounting via fstab, but if I am not wrong I read some where that NFS mounts don't support the umask option, or do they?!


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