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    FTP or something else?

    I need to replace an aging windows FTP server. Before I just drop in a Linux FTP server with some type of web client, I would like to explore other options.

    The server is used to transfer audio/video files and presentations to/from our clients and vendors (around 100 users). The files very often can exceed 2GBs in size.

    Some requirements:
    Very specific directory/file permissions (chroot in home directory for most users)
    Easy web client or “clientless” that supports Linux, windows, macs...and anything else
    Easy web administration (primarily user creation/deletion)

    Wish list-
    Ability to notify “owners” when files have not been opened within a certain time period?
    Delete file and users after a period of inactivity?
    Ability to send Email links to files (like send6)?

    Is FTP still the best solution? I'm not 100% happy with any of the web clients that I have seen, and this is fairly critical. Many users are not familiar with FTP, and must install a FTP client...I want to avoid this!

    I'm not opposed to using some type of SSL VPN gateway and a file server in our DMZ, some type of HTTPS server, or anything for that matter. I'm just not familiar enough with anything but FTP to make an informed decision.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    WebDAV comes to mind.
    - platform independent.
    - no need for a windows client, can be even connectes with a Drive letter
    - plays nice with firewalls
    - can utilize apaches authorization capabilites
    - can use apaches virtualhosts for "chroot"

    For that logic around it, like informing, deleting etc, crons can do that.
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    you can use, for example, vpn + samba. Solution need to make, when know your auth shema and etc.

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