Hello all,

I have been searching for 4 days now with very little luck.

What I'm in need to do is to make one www server ( this is not a problem ) which will be primary used to stream videos..

It is just one customer, something like internet TV, they want to produce every week one 30 min video about news and so on... and publish it for people to watch it on their page.

My question how does it work when I want to do this ? just store the video ( produced as 720p mg4 ) on server and point flash player on www to it ?... but what they want is to be able to choose bit rate and in what resolution it will stream... something like youtube have. Making 3 types of the same video in different bit rate seems strange..

As I said I'm unsure how this work with video... so Im turning to you friends for advice how to put this system together or what exactly I need.

Please do not point me to Flash Media Server from Adobe.. as that is more than 5000 Eur which is ridiculous to use for small projects...

Thank you all,