(the tldr section is the last two paragraphs)

Hey, I've been googling and searching forums trying to figure out what my problem was, and then how to solve it. (I have since figured out my problem, still no luck in solving). Heres the background:

Been messing with my home server (CentOS5) trying to learn the basics of everything. Presently, I am setting up email for a domain I purchased recently. Everything was working awesome right after I set it up. Roundcube, squirrel, everything was working.

I then installed virtualmin on top of webmin, which messed up alot of settings and configurations for everything, so I removed it, repaired everything, and thought it was all working, obviously mail wasn't. My server switched itself from using sendmail to PostFix, and I could no longer send, or receive. I uninstalled both PostFix and sendmail, re-installed sendmail, attempted to re-setup roundecubemail(failed), and setup sendmail

I can send email just fine, with no problems, but receiving email never makes it to my squirrel-mail in-box, or in mail directory at /var/spool/mail. However, I did come to find out that it is arriving in /home/<user>/Maildir (apparently a Dovecot default?)

Looking at the settings in webmin for Dovecot, as well as the configs, I cant seem to change the direction of mail flow to /var/spool/mail (which I'm assuming once arriving there, roundcube and squirrelmail will work)
(sendmail is configured to drop email at /var/spool/mail, and to use mbox, not Maildir