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    Webhost for X-Server

    Hi, i am new to linux and also dont have much experience with Webhosts. i cannot find help for the following on the web so i will try here!

    I wrote a small php script for automatically stitching multiple fotos to a panorama.
    therefore i used the tools "enblend" and "nona" of the PanoramaTools.

    now i have the problem that it is not possible to install those tools on my linux server. An X-Server is required for those tools. I am not allowed to install X on the server so i am looking for a new one that supports X.

    I am really new to configuring/setting up a linux server. so this will be maybe not very smart questions, i am sorry :

    i looked at some providers and could not find anything about "X" in features or similar. So what do i have to look at? What is indicating that X is installed?

    or is this issue maybe simply solved when i choose the right linux distribution?

    or can i install X in an easy way myself? which linux distribution would than be a good choice?

    i would be really happy about any hints or tips!!

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    you could solve this by getting a virtual dedicated private server, or just a regular dedicated private server, which is basically just a machine that you can do whatever you want with, so you can install all the things you need

    note these will most likely come pretty bare, so you will have to install the web server and php, etc, and it will cost more than just a web host

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    thanks for the fast reply!
    but it would be easier to find a server with all those things + X already installed as my application is basically very simple. i dont need any special costum configuration except X.

    i didnt read anything about X in all the feature lists of providers i have found yet.
    so does this mean that X is never installed on a standard linux webserver (as i assume X is not necessary for most applications)?

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    most will not have it, as it isn't necessary most of the time

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