Hello, I'm pretty new when it comes to Linux but my question is pretty specifically regarding Samba so I thought it belonged here more than the newbie forum. Like the topic title says, I can't seem to get write access to symlinked directories, and am wondering how best to troubleshoot the situation.

What I did:
cd /share/MD0_DATA/testshare/
mkdir a b
ln -s /share/MD0_DATA/testshare/a b/alink
echo hello > a/1.txt
chown -R testuser1:everyone a
chown -R -h testuser1:everyone b
chmod -R +rwX ./
Then I added /share/MD0_DATA/testshare/ as a new Samba share, and ensured follow symlinks was set to yes.

Using Windows 7 I was able to access the symlinked folder as the user testuser1, with the path \\machinename\testshare\b\alink , and I was also able to read the contents of 1.txt . However, I was unable to copy new files into this folder. I was also unable to rename 1.txt to something else. The complaint in both cases was that "the folder \\machinename\testshare\b\alink does not exist".

One thing that puzzled me though was that I actually could delete 1.txt without problems. Don't know what that's about.

After this I attempted the same thing from a Windows Server 2003 box, but with the same result.

Samba version: 3.5.2

So, there you have it. Does anyone know what might be wrong with my setup? Any comments/suggestions at all would be heartily appreciated