Hi all,

I have a working tftp / pxe server (fedora) that will allow me to network boot PC laptops, virtual box and vmware vm's into a clonezilla live environment over the network at work...

It works great for PC's and VM images, but not for Macbooks.

I discovered the other day by holding down N during a macbook boot, it will allow you to do a Netboot.

However, I am not clear on apple's implementation of Netboot being compatible with standard linux-based tftp and pxe, the documents I've read claim it uses another protocol, bsdp instead.

I use a clonezilla live cd to do all the mac imaging in the office, but I'm looking for a way to avoid having to carry around a disk with me.

Has anyone got any experience with this or could suggest something similar? Does anyone know if it is possible to get on-screen debug output of what the Netboot is doing locally on the client?


edit: also, when I do a tcpdump on the tftp/pxe server, the netbooting mac's don't touch it, while i get lots of output from pc's and vm's.