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Thread: Need help

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    Need help

    I am running Ubuntu 10.04 on 2 computers of mine and Win 7 on my main computer. I have Samba installed on Linux Box 1 and have that all set up and running just fine. I can connect to it from my Win 7 box with not issues. I am still new to linux so im trying to figure out how to connect to it from my 2nd linux box? Any help or pointing in some direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, when I goto Network on box #2 it wont let me connect from there... just gives me an error when I try to connect to the windows network.

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    You aren't giving enough information, such as what errors are you getting? How have you configured Samba on the Linux boxes? How are you trying to connect to the Windows and Samba shares from the Linux box(es)?
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    My samba set up is just a basic home set up...nothing fancy. All I am doing is sharing files.

    I have no problems connecting to the samba server from my windows box. I can go from the Network or use the run command and type the IP and either way works fine.

    I don't know much about linux so I tried just going under Network on Ubuntu but it wont let me in the network. Is there something similar to the run command where I can just type the IP like I do on windows?

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    So I have tried going to Places > Connect to Server...
    Change it to Windows Share and put in the IP of the samba box (username and domaine name)
    I put in the password next and then I get this error.

    "Cannot display location "smb://192....../"
    The specified location is not mounted

    This info any help towards solving my problem?

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