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    SSH - Access Denied

    I keep getting access denied error message. username and password is right. I checked out this forum and some other forums for solution. they recommend to modify sshd_config file but i cant even connect to server. how am I suppose to change it? I can connect to plesk panel but couldnt find any way to do that. how can I fix this problem?

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    1] your server could have been hijacked
    2] you could have forgot your password
    3] you have caps lock activated (do you know how often that happens to me?)
    4] your ssh shell uses a different kind of characters set (i.e. locally one of ISO8859-X, UTF-X and remotely the other; critical characters that should never be used or at least used only with caution are: ß`´öäüÖÄÜ/\$§%&?)

    If you have physical access to your server, you could reboot and start it in single user mode (see grub) to reset the root password (see passwd). If not, you surely have a problem.

    I would recommend you to set up public/private keys that enables passwordless authentication (see SSH with Keys HOWTO: SSH with Keys in a console window or ssh-keygen and ssh-copy-id).

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    1 - no
    2 - no
    3 - no
    4 - no

    none of them worked..

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    Are you sure logging in with the right username? It could be that root login is denied by sshd_config.
    What's your server? A home computer or a dedicated/virtual server? If it's a home computer you have to make sure to open the specific ports.

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    If you can't log in and 1-4 are not your problems, then you have forgot your password which can be regarded as plain stupid. You will need to get physical access and thats all you can do.

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    Kloschussel, if you look at your question 2 and my answer, it is same as your THEN, but I think it is same as you said "plain stupid". look at the mirror for it ok?.
    I called server admin and they fixed problem. thanks

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