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    redundant servers


    i need some one help me in my problem
    i have two servers (server1&server2) and server2 was redundant server for server 1
    and it was run well but from two days some problem and mistakes happened in server2 and etc file in server2 was removed ..
    so i take the etc file from server1 and set it in server2 hard disk then i change name of server and ip to server 2 and it now run as server2 in my network but it didn't run as redundant server for server1 like before and i don't know how can i make server2 back a redundant server for server1?

    please i need your help


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    Linux Engineer Kloschüssel's Avatar
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    What exactly did you copy from server1 to server2? Please write down the commands. If the complete /etc directory was deleted, it will be necessary to reconfigure every little aspect that server2 differs from server1.

    What kind of redundancy are talking about here?

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    thanks Kloschüssel for ur reply

    yes i removed all etc file from server2 and copy etc file from server1 and paste in server 2

    the redundancy i made in my network by using nas server and make server 2 work as stand by for server 1 ...if server 1 off for any reason server 2 open automatic with the date that has in server1 by taking last backup from nas

    i hope any one help me

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    Unfortunatly this is not enough information to help you. You ripped out ALL the configuration of the machine and usually this is a unrecoverable state. Anyway, you may have a special situation here cause you maybe have a identical machine that differs only in very few points of configuration.

    I can give you only one real advise because I don't know the exact server build and configuration..

    Slap the one that did this and revoke all his administration rights!

    Anyway, as I'm absolute geek, I have something in mind that could work in case you need to recover data that would not be possible if the server was not up and running. In case you want to try that, determine by which parts server2 differs from server1 and post it here (BOTH software and hardware!).

    Otherwise (you don't mind what was on that server) I would recommend to just reinstall the server from scratch and make sure to get a person for this job that knows of system administration.

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