I have a server with 20 IP addresses. Squid accepts connections on each address and I have rules set up to route the traffic back out on the same address.

What I have done is set up a database to authenticate my users with my squid server using squid_db_auth helper.

I am trying to set up a pool of IP addresses that a user is allowed to use.

I have worked out the backend for this in PHP, however I am running in to one small thing that is causing everything to not work...

I am trying to pass in the $MYADDR (Squid interface address) in to the squid_db_auth perl script from the squid.conf configuration file.

Is there any way that I can figure out which interface address is currently being used in the squid_db_auth script? Right now, squid will only pass in the username and password with stdin, i just need to modify something so that it will pass in username, password, and ip.