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    Classroom file server help

    I have a classroom with 28 student PC's and 1 teacher PC all running Win XP. Unfortunately the schools network is set up as a workgroup instead of a client/server network. Each computer has one user account that students in 6 different classes share. I have 6 classes ranging from 20-28 students. Currently each student created a folder with their name in My Documents to save their work.

    I have a few problems I would like to solve so I'm considering installing a Linux file server using samba. The school is upgrading all computers and I acquired one of the old computers to use as a server.

    My problems are:
    1. Students delete each otherís files and folders and copy each otherís work since they have access to each otherís folders. I would like to have a private folder for each student.
    2. I would like to have all student folders in one place for easy grading.
    3. The program I use to teach keyboarding (Microtype5) would be much more efficient if all student info was stored in one place rather than on each individual computer.
    4. Every time I want to move a student for discipline problems I have to copy all their Microtype and project files with a thumb drive.

    I have a little experience with Linux and samba. I have a samba server at home that I've been playing around with in order to learn. I can handle creating a samba share for Microtype. I do need help and advice with setting up individual protected folders for each student. I'll also need to be able to access all the studentsí folder from the teacher pc.

    Any advice on the best way to set this up would be greatly appreciated.

    I tried setting up Ubuntu Server on the computer I'll be using at school but I've had issues. After the install, it boots fine to the command prompt but once I restart the computer again I just get a black screen. I tried reinstalling and had the same problem so I'm currently running Xubuntu 10.04.

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    Welcome in Linux
    I m not using samba but you have to study about permission of user group and owner
    read write and execute using chmod and chown and post here for any other problem
    [ubuntu] You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of - Ubuntu Forums

    allso read this

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