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Thread: Email Alerts

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    Email Alerts

    Hello friends!
    I've a ubuntu server with virtualmin and webmin, and an email server configured on it. It has postfix and fetchmail, among other stuff.

    I've this issue... sometimes the fetchmail process hangs, and one mailbox does not download emails for a long time, until i log in and see the fetchmail process hanged. My question is.... is there any way to "schedule" a review of fetchmail processes and send an email when one of them hangs for over 2-3 hours?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. #2 - How to check Process hung or not???

    Check if the process is hung or not

    You can run "strace -p <process_ID>" command to check if the process is hung or not. If it is running it would issue system calls and based on what system call you can also determine if it is waiting for some IO or trying to read/write a file or waiting for some other child process.

    I know its late response, but just wanted to share this info for someone else searching for similar requirement.

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