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    Which linux distro is good for server

    hello all,

    i am searchin for a linux distro which is good for server. i wants to make my machine as a server.

    i considered RedHat but it require to register.
    is Centos is good for it?

    please suggest.


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    You can check this link to see favorite server distro as voted by some of our members:

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    CentOS is widely used for servers. It is RedHat Enterprise Linux with the logos changes. CEntOS = Community Enterprise Operating System. It is widely used in the financial industry. Most servers at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) run CentOS to manage options and derivatives trading. Ditto many other exchanges world-wide. The Ubuntu Server edition is supposed to be good also, though I don't have any experience with that. I run CentOS on my server/workstation for my consulting business and have been very happy with it.
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    CentOS is a widely used server OS. I am using CentOS for a TrixBox Phone server and on a Deki Wiki VM. I normally think of CentOS as a dedicated process OS though, installed on a machine that will have only 1 purpose. My primary Linux server is running Ubuntu 10.04 Server with KDE installed on top. This server runs multiple services and is incredibly reliable and simple to use. I would definitely say Ubuntu Server, all the way.

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    ive always used cent os and i see its reliable and the best........

    i use it personal and my cent os dude

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    Some people suggest Debian due to its stability but I'd discourage from that. I've had a Debian server and it was a hassle since it was not possible to install software newer than that version in the repository without a distribution upgrade. E.g. I could not compile a Mumble server because Debian Etch was too old, I had to upgrade to Lenny to be able to compile Murmur.

    CentOS, however, is a pretty good choice but personally I'd rather prefer rolling release distributions. There you won't have such problems at all and you can work with a stable base system without lacking flexibility in deciding which newer or even experimental software to install (of course only when you known what you're doing since experimental software might be a security issue).

    You should just try which distribution fits your needs best. You have that time because you shouldn't administrate a online live server until you know Linux and especially your distribution and all the risks and dangers, anyway.

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