Hey guys. I am using Doxygen to generate documentation on source code that is in a Subversion repository. I also have a "Trac-Hack" that integrates Doxygen with Trac. All of this gets backed up nightly but what I would like to do is have Doxygen's output put back into Subversion. Therefore, if we ever need to revert back to an old repo version, the Doxygen doco will be the same version as well.

I created a bash script that checks out the repos into a local directory, then Doxygen scans the files and creates the HTML files on the same machine. Then the script adds and commits the files into Subversion. This is all done flawlessly.

The issue that I am having is, when you attempt a checkout of the repo from another machine, it errors out saying it can't find the files in the .svn/tmp directory (a hidden directory created by subversion). I cannot have the script remove .svn because then it won't be recognized as part of Subversion. I have tried a few things but feel like I have hit a wall here.

I can't find documentation on this online and was wondering if anyone would have any ideas.



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