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    Question Linux as "antivirus" for windows

    Hi everybody!
    I'm relatively new to Linux. I was using Slackware and Fedora, few years ago.
    I was wondering can this be done: to instal Linux distribution on some PC and use it just as internet connection (and maybe as a server). In my home, i have 3 PC's with Win OS, and those are poor machines so they demand much more power for antiviruse's (besides that, they dont do the work). In addition to that, my father uses one PC, so he need to stay on Windows
    So, i decided to install Linux on that (fourth) machine which will be connected to internet via LAN (router), and with another LAN it will be connected to one of three PC's with Windows OS.
    Resume is: i want to use Linux protection and go on internet through this. There will be no virus protection on PC's with WIn OS.
    Is it possible? Can someone help me?

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    Yes it can be done. In fact, a lot of A/V firewalls are Linux-based. You will need the appropriate A/V software that can scan for and divert or clean infected data streams. There are several, but they are generally commercial, though not always expensive (some are for this purpose, such as Symantic). In any case, you will want at least 2 ethernet ports - 1 connected to the internet, and one connected to an ethernet switch or wireless access point where the other computers will be connected. Your Linux computer will become the router for the rest of the network.
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