I have been setting up a Linux FTP server to replace an aging BulletProof FTP server for our corporate FTP site. We are wanting a web interface (internal use only) to administer it, so I set that up and got it functional. A "group" system was also required, so that if someone was a member of the group, a link to another directory would be placed in their home directory. I set up the PHP interface to make the link in their directory, only to find out that VSFTPd won't follow symlinks. I have been unable to get VSFTP to follow links, and I also tried ProFTPd, and had no dice there. I am fully aware of the risks of having the users outside of the chroot, but I have the security taken care of there. I would appreciate some help if someone has an idea about how to get around the symlink block, or another method besides symlinks.

Thanks in advance,