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Thread: DNS in cent oS

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    DNS in cent oS


    can someone help me get a guide or guide me installing dns service on cent os 5.5.

    im currently using win server 2003 as local dns and forward my requests to my ISP.

    how can i do this? i was googling and i see they use bind?

    btw my friend setup a dns(a public one) but i see he that everytime he wants to add a new record he has to edit /etc/named --> do i have to do this for the local dns?

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    Hi there,

    bind is kinda all-singing, all-dancing and I've heard it's pretty involved to set up. If you just want something that will handle forwarding DNS requests and a little bit of local config, I suggest dnsmasq.

    I use it on my home network and it's pretty simple to set up and does the job nicely. There are howtos all over the place but if you want any help just tell us roughly what you are trying to set up and we'll see what we can do.

    Let us know how you get on
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    don't u have a WHM panel..? It has options to install Dns servers.

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    It's not really difficult, after you have done it
    half a dozen times.

    DNS & BIND

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    You can try installing via yum
    # yum list | grep -i bind

    You'll be getting a list of the version you want to install

    bind-x-x or something
    # yum install bind-x-x

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