I'm thinking of setting up linux on my home server. At the moment I'm using WHS but it's always bugging out, inisting on backing up my computers, even if I specifically tell it not too and stuff like that. I'm not against backups or anything, but I like to keep them in a format that not only WHS can read.

I'm hoping you guys could assist me with picking a distro and apps for what I need.

What I'm gonna be running:

*Media server --- streaming videos to X360 and PS3. It must support transcoding on the fly from mkv(h.264) to wmv hd or any other hd format supported by the xbox.
I've been using tversity for this on windows

*Seedbox --- A torrent client with an easy to use remote gui and rss downloading.

*Samba file sharing --- this is pretty straightforward

*A super lightweight DE --- I might just run it from the terminal, but I'd like something to fall back on.

*Remote desktop --- crossplatform so I can control from my windows machines too. Maybe teamviewer? It usually feels snappier then most VNC I've tried.

*Storage pool --- only thing I like from WHS is the storage pool feature. Is there anything similar I can run on linux?

Feel free to share what you are running on your home server or any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.