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Thread: Apache and PHP

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    Apache and PHP


    Where can I get detailed info regarding how to configure and use Apache along with PHP. I have Red Hat 8.0 and have installed Apache Server, PHP and MySQL thats available in the packages. MySQL is working fine.
    Also http://localhost displays the page fine. I need to setup a PHP site in my computer, so I need to know how to go about configuring it ir is it already preconfigured when I had installed it ?

    Also are there any GUI tools available to configure them or do I need to edit files and if so which files are those.


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    read here

    Good luck

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    In Redhat there are GUI tools to configure apache. I suppose other distros may have them as well but I prefer to edit things with their appropriate file (apache->httpd.conf). Why do I prefer this method? Well, what happens when you don't have a GUI application to configure it? Since not every platform may support such application, it's best to edit them through files since all distros have the appropriate configuration files.
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    Editing the text files directly almost always gives you more functionality anyway, and you can do it over any medium (telnet, ssh, serial console, etc.). Personally, I find it much faster and more versatile than using GUI tools anyway. The mouse is probably the worst invention ever, if I may say so. Knowing the configuration file format is also essential to being able to automate it with eg. sed, awk, etc.

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    Re: Configuring Apache and PHP


    Thanks a lot for all your input. I had made two php pages - namely test.php and tes1.php with the following codes -





    I had placed them in the folder /var/www/html/

    Now when i type the url http://localhost/test.php

    I get a blank page and when I execute http://localhost/test1.php I get the detailed info regarding PHP. Why is this so. What other configurations do I need ? Please suggest.

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    Hi there,

    I could fix the above issue by editing the php.ini file and it worked. Now I need to fix this issue.

    I got a simple site made in PHP and MySQL and is running perfect. I have hosted it locally in Win 98 using PHPTriad. Now when I take the same to the Linux, I get the main page displayed. However when I try to login, nothing happens. I get no errors either. The login details are stored in a config.php file.

    Also after a successful login, I have a script to create the tables for the application. The database has to be created beforehand or can be created through the script itself.

    How do I check whether my PHP is configured for MySQL or not ?

    PS. kindly note that I had installed Apache, PHP and MySQL as available in the packages from the installation disks during the setup itself. I haven't compiled them myself. MySQL is working fine, I say this because I can login to it and create databases and tables.

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    This thread has been continued in the Installation forum. Please don't cross-post.

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    Yeah, not posting here any more. Thanks!

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