Hello all!

I am about to embark on building a small cluster with high-availability load balancers and servers that will server millions of users a month (as in we already have this much traffic and are expecting more as we grow this year) and will be supporting SSL transactions. I would like to know if any of you have done this and have any suggestions or experiences I could learn from before hitting those road blocks?

Our current plan of attack as from what we've gathered to be the best option from the various users/sites on the inter-tubes is two identical boxes running LVS + HAProxy. These would then hand off to two identical servers with LAMP stacks running with Linux-HA Heartbeat and Pacemaker.

There have been other various suggestions, but this seems like the most tightly developed grouping of packages (from what I am gathering around the web).

I haven't been able to find a complete guide to all of this; just parts and pieces. Does anybody know of a full guide that one can find to make sure they are not nuking their projects? I plan to write a full guide/journal when I have completed my journey to help others and use as a back-reference.

Any insight or experience is very helpful and appreciated. Thanks!