For some reason, my mysql server (debian lenny) has begun having semi-frequent flakiness. I don't think it's MySql itself that is causing the problems - but rather something "system related".

I have looked at all the typical suspects (/var being full, etc), and nothing in any of the log files jumps out at me. But there is 1 thing that might be an indicator: The error message in the subject line.

What is really weird is that the sudo command DOES work.

Rebooting the machine resolves the problem ... for a while. Which is to say, I do not get the error message every time I use the sudo command.

Last indicator is in /var/log/auth.log - logons (and sudo's) during the period of time of system flakiness show no entries in the auth.log file. Despite the fact that I can indeed logon, su to root, and reboot the computer.