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    getting user email + postfix

    Alright, some info:
    fedora core, everything required for mail server, postfix, dovecot,

    I have a few domains, lets say oberek_dot_ca
    In mySQL i have a bunch of aliases, and pat_at_oberek_dot_ca forwards to or whatnot works no problem

    now I want to the server to store emails, so pat2_at_oberek_dot_ca goes to /var/mail/<user> and not /var/mail/virtual/<user>

    If I have pat2 in mysql aliases, it acts like virtual user and goes there, if I remove pat2, the email bounces saying

    <pat2_at_oberek_dot_ca>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table
    I use webmin and created a user pat2 with some temp password, with nologin for ssh
    to /etc/postfix/aliases
    and still nothing, not sure why it is looking for virtual mailbox. I think I may have screwed up either the user or maybe my has issues.

    If I move the mail from virtual folder down one step, I can use squirrelmail to see it all, but anything sent ends up in virtual.

    Been working at this for the last 3 days and am still stumped, so I have to resort to asking a question :P

    Thanks in advance,

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    finally got it working. thanks for those who looked

    I had 2 problems,
    first off, i had my domain in $mydestination as well as in mySQL under virtual domains

    second off, i had local_recipient = blank in the

    fixed it up, set up maildir instead of mbox (cause its better) and its all working like a charm.


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