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    Question Process's getting 'Killed' - no log, plenty free ram - Debian Lenny

    Hi, all this is my first post but im resonable linux skilled.

    Im running a VPS account with Debian Linux Lenny, Virtualmin/Webmin.

    This has only recently started but i dont know at what point, as havent done much on it recently but applied some updates.

    Theres always at least 50% free ram when it happens (of 512mb) and basically no CPU activity.

    Ive even tried killing off all process's apart from what i believed to be needed to test, (init, sshd, loggers)

    I can find mention of the action anywhere in any logs, even though i have klogd and syslog running

    It seems to happen at varying intervals fairly regularly with certain processes.

    Ive had it happen with a big 'rm -r'

    but more regularly with make's , make install's, apt-get (while its awaiting your reply to proceed), and rtorrent.

    im sure there's others though but this is what ive been using.

    all i get is "Killed" and back to prompt,

    if i type "echo $?" i get '137'

    there has been some node performance issues at night during backups with the host but they say they havn't implemented any limits and are upgrading hardware to resolve.


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    You may have run out of time. Exit codes has some useful info on this.
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    ok i found out what it was... Jumba (my host) have a ban on anything related or even mentioning the word 'torrent' killing it off, that as ive found from my personal experience the hard way will include apt-get install/removes , rm, wget, make, configure, and pretty much anything as well obviously the process's themselves once running like rtorrent

    oh well...

    thanks for the help.

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