I have one computer with windows 7 (computername = windowspc) connected through a modem router to a computer running Ubuntu 10.10 (computername = linuxpc). Had Samba setup and working fine between the two.

Decided to check out Fedora 14 (computername = linuxpc). so set up dual boot on the on the Ubuntu box and installed samba. When Fedora is running Win 7 only sees shares for Fedora. If Ubuntu is running win 7 cannot connect to any shares stating a bad file path. I understand that they both linux osíes use the same ip address and thatís probably were Win7 must have problems.
Ran nbtstat Ėr in windows and was able to swap the situation around i.e. win7 sees Ubuntu but not Fedora

I would like to be able to set it up so that when logged on to either of the linux osíes I would be able to see shares from both partitions in Win7. Or if thatís not possible, to differentiate them in some way so that Win7 would recognise which os was running and display the shares accordingly.

What I am asking for may be absolutely impossible but it never hurts to ask.

All advice appreciated. Found it hard topic to try to google.