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    Smile Setup LAMP server but how to host website?

    I am totally new to Linux and also LAMP (LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). I want to host my small forum on my own Desktop so after a long searching how to built your own server for your website i make LAMP server. I use Linux for this server.

    Now the main problem i face here it is

    Q1 How to install my website on the server?

    Q2 How to make my forum/website available for my friends etc?

    Q3 Did i use domain instead of local host? How please explain.

    i know these are very stupid questions but for me its very important i want to learn kindly help me. So i am stick with this thread and waiting for your helpful replies.

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    What version of linux are you using? Red hat based or debian based?

    Red Hat Based Distro's:
    RHEL, Fedora, CentOS

    Debian Based Distro's:
    Debian, Ubuntu.

    Are you connected to the internet directly or are you behind a router?

    If you want to host the website on your own pc and you are connected directly to the internet (not behind a router) and you have a static IP (one that doesnt change) and you are using a red hat based system do the following.

    "su" - type your root password in.

    "yum install php mysql" - follow on screen commands. Apache should already be on there.

    "/sbin/service httpd start" - starts apache running.

    Store your website files in "/var/www"

    View your site by typingyour IP into a browser.


    It would be easier to rent a VPS, you can get them for about 5-10 a month.

    Oh and gooogle is you friend. Google will provide you with all the answers you need.

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    firstly setup your LAMP

    once your lamp is setup you're are going to have to buy your domain name.. I would go through godaddy. setup godaddy dns via

    point cname records to your modems ip.

    you would be suprised with the amount of info on google!

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