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    Having problems starting mysql (configuring LAMP) Fedora 14

    I am attempting to configure Fedora into a home server, but have come across a few problems.

    First: HTTP is up and running from what I can tell.. when "localhost" is punched in the browser (firefox) I get the "Fedora Test Page"..

    I then made an index.php file (<?php phpinfo() ; ?>) and saved it the var/www/html folder..

    Upon refreshing the "localhost" page, I do not get the php information page, it stays on "Fedora Test Page".. I read on another forum the the welcome.conf file needed to be commented out in order to load other pages????

    TL;DR - Mysqld is being a *****, I need to know how to turn it on!!! I've tried service mysqld start/restart/stop/reboot
    Please, anyone!


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    Linux Newbie raghaven.kumar's Avatar
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    Do you have the php module for apache loaded?
    Maybe your DirectoryIndex is set only to index.html

    What happens if you give localhost/index.php in your browser?

    For mysql, check the /var/log/messages log or check all logs in /var/log/mysql/ !

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    Linux Engineer Kloschüssel's Avatar
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    mysqld start/restart/stop/reboot won't work out very well. read this:

    man init.d
    * have you tried to open the php file directly? (i.e. Open Source and Linux Forums)
    * often a browser caches content. try to hit refresh (usually F5) a couple of times

    if still it doesn't show the proper content follow raghaven.kumar's advice and install your server properly.

    PS: being rude to a computer is completely useless as they tend to have no sense of feelings.

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    Yeah you need to configure apache to read .php extensions for the index pages.

    Edit "/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf" and look for the line "DirectoryIndex index.html index.html.var" and add "index.php" on the end so it should look like "DirectoryIndex index.html index.html.var index.php"

    then save, exit and restart apache by typing "/sbin/service httpd restart"

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