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    FTP Server name issue.

    FTP Server works fine, it's more of an issue on the DNS side I believe. Any input would be appreciated.

    For example say I have a domain "www[dot]abc[dot]com"
    Right now "ftp://ftpshare[dot]abc[dot]com" points to my ftp server.
    But "ftp://www[dot]abc[dot]com" also points to my ftp server.

    Is there a configuration somewhere that stops "ftp://www[dot]abc[dot]com" from pointing at my server and only allow "ftp://ftpshare[dot]abc[dot]com"??

    Or is there a special configuration that I need to set up on my DNS records??

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    DNS does not care about the leading 'ftp://' or 'http://'. These are handled by the web server so it knows how to handle the incoming connection.

    When hosts are looked up the only thing that is looked up is the host name, i.e.,

    If you have your DNS setup so they both have the samer IP address then they are both going to point to the same server.


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    Another piece of trivia to remember, the expression www
    is not part of the protocol buy merely a host name.

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    ahh so it's probably something on my dns registration side. i'll look into it some more. thanks for the input guys!!

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