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    Website/server accessing issues

    We are currently on Linux servers with centos. We have 2 servers one for web one for database with the OS and web files stored on a NAS device all hosted at UK Fast. We have a firewall running and have been told that itís not set up to reject any connections.

    Our issue is that all of a sudden someone in the office will not be able to access our site, but if they use a proxy to hit out site that work fine.

    We had a sales team member give a training session to a bunch of system administrators and they was using it fine then all of a sudden the site started running slow with pages part loading and then not allowing them to access the site at all, either direct of searching through Google but we at the office could access the site fine.

    We are having clients complaining that the website runs slow for them but its fine for us in the office. This doesnít happen all the time though.

    We would like some advice on logging any info that might help us diagnose this issue; for example firewall denials/rejections.

    If anyone else has had issues like this and can give us any help or any suggestions that would be appreciated.

    Any info you need please ask.


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    Well, you could ask your "bunch of systemadministrators" for monitoring metrics.
    * General numbers like
    - load
    - io
    - swap usage
    - network latency, throughput, number of connections
    * Webserver error logs and webstatistics
    * database logs: look for slow queries

    Other than that:
    - Why are the web files stored on a NAS and not local?
    - Are there any heavy cronjobs and/or processes, that may slow down a machine?
    - Is the network reliable? Again: Numbers or it isnt
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.

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    The "bunch of systemadministrators" are nothing to do with our system. There just people who would be using the system. UK Fast are our hosting/support people and we pay alot of money for our servers and the support but they just do not seems to be picking up on issues before we do and they arnt comming back with solutions.

    About the NAS device, i think this is the way they set there servers up. If the server goes down (hardware faults) they just plug the NAS into another server and were back up and running so i think they have good reasons to do it this way. Also the hard drives on the servers arnt huge so this is probs a cheaper way of expanding drive size.

    We have cron jobs for expiry emails and so on but they run at 1am every day and back ups are run at 4am every day.

    UKFast is one of 2 major hosting companies in the uk so i would guess there network is not notch.

    Due to our work our site gets hit by the same ip lot due to being used by schools. Could the firewall be blocking IP addresses thinking its an attack?

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    Small rant, and please dont take it too seriously
    Why does it always have to be the firewall?
    Page shows a 404: "Probably related to the fw?"
    Webserver is slow: "Surely the fw"
    A ricebag in china fell over: "Ah, the fw again"

    Now, I do not exclude the fw as one of many possibilities.
    All I am saying is: Do not jump to conclusions.
    Get numbers. Get information.

    Someone needs to look at the issue at a system level.
    The usual suspects for this kind of work are sysadmins and DBAs.

    And if you are paying for support, claim that support.
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.

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