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    Squid proxy server and dual public IPs

    I have set up Squid and webmin on Ubuntu 10.04 and seek assistance with the following

    I have one NIC and 2 Public IPs from 2 different countries. When I assign both IPs to Ubuntu and use the IP on the virtual adapter eth0:0 all traffic shows as if it originates from the IP on eth0. I was hoping that if a person connects from x.x.x.x that squid would limit their data to originating from x.x.x.x, instead however it always shows y.y.y.y to all sites. Is this a routing issue? Need I configure some routing? Squid is configured to use or any IP address.

    I want to add some security and have tried to follow several tutorials with no success. I understand there is some built in security in Squid as well as some 3rd party security. I want that all users MUST use usernames and passwords. What is the easiest wayy too do this based on current releases? I think that much of the information out there is outdated and dooes not apply to current releases.

    How can I limit bandwidth? I want too limit bandwith to a level that supports a basic netflix stream and I believe this to be just under 2 Mb/s.

    Thanks in advance

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    Bump, as I could really use some help!

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