Hi Linux Gurus,

The setting up of YAST firewall is confusing me.

I have the server attached to a windows vista pc via rj45 for internet and server access but I also have a wireless connection to the internet off the router.

Can I limit the wireless access from the router via the server?


I am confused by all the settings and add-ons to the yast firewall in that I can create a transparent proxy, etc - do I need to utilise all that the firewall offers to hide the vista pc from hackers whilst on the internet and what do I need to setup within the firewall that will allow me to set the server up?

I am assuming that I can set up SLES as a web server (i.e. buy domains from i.e. 1and1 and have the hosting on my server and also the email facilities on my server rather than on 1and1)?

I am also assuming that I can set up SLES utilising the firewall to lockdown the internet so that the vista pc can't be hacked in the future (have already been hacked once b4) - this is why i bought a server and am installing linux?

I think maybe that this post would cover not only this area of the forum but others as well - so my mistake if I am in the wrong place.

I look forward to the replies.