I have Squid / Squidguard installed on my NAT with transparent proxy.
It seems to work well, blocking without client machine changes well.
The problem I do have is it will die every so often, I assume from too large
of log files, though I am not certain of this.
I changed the size limit of the log files to ensure better results.

I am nearly spammed from : WARNING: transparent proxying not supported

I have squid.conf set up with :

http_port x.x.x.x:3128 transparent
always_direct allow all

I am using:

text only openSUSE 11.0 (i586) i386

Squid Version: 3.0.STABLE5

SquidGuard: 1.3 Berkeley DB 4.5.20

I do not know what to check next. Is there anyone able to help?