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Thread: so how do i

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    so how do i

    ok guys i got my apache2 server all setup and what not but how do i set it up so that other people can access it? I know i need a domain name but i tryed to register for a and it wouldnt let me use my ip address so im not sure how to go about it

    any help would be awesome!


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    Some pointers:
    • While registering a domain, you need to define at least two DomanNameServers (DNS)
      • These can be hosted by your domain provider.
      • Or you can run your own. You need two servers with public IP addresses and some
      DNS knowledge
    • After you have a domain and a working DNS, you can enter the host names and ptr addresses of your website. You also need a public IP for that.
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    Hmm, just to double check, when your configuring your domain name to point at your IP, you are using your external IP right? You can find your IP at What's My IP Address? Networking Tools & More.

    If so, does your domain registrars web-interface spit out an error message when you try to set the A-record?

    Also keep in mind that if your behind a router/NAT, you will need to open up port 80 or what ever port number you have Apache set to use.

    You can find free domains at No-IP - Dynamic DNS, Static DNS for Your Dynamic IP for testing purposes. If your having trouble with the configuration of Apache, you can find hundreds of tutorials on Google.

    Of course, if you still having problems you can give us a holler

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