Hey guys

I have a relatively ambitious project for my level of Skill I am thinking of. I have a Ubuntu Server media server serving centralised files to the household through Samba shares.

Office Docs
Audio files (All kinds, from FLAC to .mp3)
HD Video Files (Of the kids, etc...)
Auto download of TV series via KTorrent RSS feeds.
HD Video Files (TV Series)
HD Pictures

I travel quite a bit and like to be able to access this content from anywhere via a personal web page hosted from this server, Audio, Pictures, and Video from Any device, primarily Desktop, Mac, PC, and iPad.

Considering the cross platform requirement I guess I would need to be able to support Quicktime, Flash and maybe HTML5? Not sure.

I'd also like to give family in other countries access to selected content via this site as well.

I'd like to be able to customize the web front end to this to suit my purposes, GUI, Play files in full screen, etc...

Any experts know of an app / or stack of apps that can help me do this?
Or any resources you could point me at to enable me to do this would also be appreciated.

I've looked at Tonido which is pretty good, but not quite what I would like.

Thanks in advance