I'm running a Debian Woody server on my home network with MySQL3 and PHP4 installed. I set the server as the DMZ on my router, and I've been successful in running apache and previous forums in which no one had a problem with (such as SMF). However I recently installed PHPNuke, so my forum was replaced by phpbb. I can register on the forums and recieve my confirmation e-mail without any problem, but other people can't. My site url under preferences is set to http://www.thesynbfv.com. Index.php, admin.php and the rest of the main files for PHPNuke I put in the root folder. I tried creating a test account with a hotmail e-mail, but didn't get it until about ten hours later. When I did get the e-mail however, the activation link didn't work. How do I fix it so members can register and recieve confirmation e-mails, or is there a way to register people manually? My site URL is: http://www.thesynbfv.com. Hope that's enough info, and thanks for the help!