I have a fresh install of Ubuntu Server 10.10, running a lamp and a PHPBB3 server for some friends.

At first I could not view any of the files within the PHPBB3 installer, and did a bit of research and once I removed the .htaccess from the root folder of the forum, it instantly appeared and worked fine.

I was just wondering if anyone would know any way to solve this issue, I've never dealt with .htaccess before, and only a bit with Apache configs (I have VirtualHosting setup) the server is just a box in my house, so I do have full access to it.

I want to re-add the .htaccess if I could figure out how to properly allow Apache to make the forum viewable after it is done, as it is more secure and PHPBB doesn't seem to want to update if the file isn't there (not currently an issue, but was in the past)