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Thread: Secure Server

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    Secure Server

    Hi All,

    After setting up the basics of SLES and getting my windows box connected to the internet via the server - how can I be sure that the linux box is secure?

    Are there any specific steps I should follow and/or are there any things that I may have missed out on?

    I have configured the firewall, set up masquerading, i haven't set up ip forwarding because I don't have anything else attached to the server i.e. a web server.

    Do I need to set up app armour? if so, how and do I need to set up squid? and one more - the forums are going on about binding the network cards ( i have 3 - one internal, one external and one redundant) - do I bind the redundant one to the external connection?

    Seems like a complicated post, sorry.

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    Hi. The first thing, that you must do, is scanning your server from internet with nmap or another port scanner to check, what servers are actually running, and what you can disable. What about apparmor - I think, that you don't need it, because you server is just simple router, and, if it haven't ssh/telnet/vnc server running, there is no way illegaly to access you computer. Also, I'll no advice you to use squid at home, why it is too big, use privoxy or somethink like it.

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