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    The following script is my backup script, here can you also tell what to backup.

    have fun


    # creates backups of essential files
    DATA="/home /root "
    CONFIG="/etc /var/lib /var/named "
    # mount /mnt/backup
    set $(date)
    if test "$1" = "Sun" ; then
    # weekly a full backup of all data and config. settings:
    tar cfz "/uitpak/backups/full/data_full_$6-$2-$3.tgz" $DATA
    rm -f /uitpak/backup/full/data_diff*
    tar cfz "/uitpak/backups/full/config_full_$6-$2-$3.tgz" $CONFIG
    rm -f /uitpak/backup/full/config_diff*
    # incremental backup:
    find $DATA -depth -type f \( -ctime -1 -o -mtime -1 \) -print > $LIST
    tar cfzT "/uitpak/backups/data_diff_$6-$2-$3.tgz" "$LIST"
    rm -f "$LIST"
    find $CONFIG -depth -type f \( -ctime -1 -o -mtime -1 \) -print > $LIST
    tar cfzT "/uitpak/backups/config_diff_$6-$2-$3.tgz" "$LIST"
    rm -f "$LIST"
    # create sql dump of databases:
    # mysqldump -u root --password=mypass --opt mydb > "/uitpak/backup/mydb_$6-$2-$3.sql"
    # gzip "/uitpak/backup/mydb_$6-$2-$3.sql"
    #umount /mnt/backup

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    Wow Looks very complicated haha.

    Which parts do I need to edit? & Does the script run automatically at a certain point...probably easiest to say what I need. Basically, i need to make the server or network backup to an external hard drive once a day around 5pm, but only 2 of the information bays need to be backed up, otherwise it will take too long.

    Then this external hard drive can be taken off site and then brought back the next day to be backed up again. Do you know a way in which this is possible?

    Also might seem a bit off topic, but do you know I can register for an account on the SME Server forums? When you make a username it asks for the name of the logo of contribs...

    Thanks once again,


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